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Feeding is essential for pets as it allows you to discover allergies and intolerances related in many instances to the food. Among the most familiar sources that bring this type of issues are usually animal protein and cereals. Cotecnica has recently launched a new brand of food for dogs, devoid of any cereal type. Currently, there are three varieties obtainable lamb, chicken and fish, all completely grain free.

Originally dogs & cats are carnivores and because of this, their bodies are designed to consume a diet with low levels of carbohydrates, since its metabolism is equipped to obtain energy from animal protein and fat. By contrast, dogs and cats find it difficult to digest grains: their high starch content, which is metabolized in sugars, leads to obesity and the risk of suffering from different health problems. With this in mind, we can offer the original diet that dog’s and cat’s body is equipped with high protein content, low carbohydrate content and grain free.

Why buy grain free?

0% GRAINSDogs and cats digestive systems are not equipped to assimilate uncooked grains and, although they can digest cooked cereals, these can result in intolerances and food allergies.  It is for this reason that our manufacturers have completely removed all cereals from our GRAIN FREE formulas.

HIGH IN PROTEINSIn order for dogs and cats to enjoy the nutritional benefits provided by poultry meat proteins, it is vital that fresh meat is used that has not been subjected to any kind of processing. This ensures that the proteins provide:

  •         BETTER NUTRITIONAL QUALITY: High biological value, with all the essential amino acids, which are vital for the correct development and functioning of the animal's body.

  •         GREATER DIGESTIBILITY: The body digests a greater percentage of nutrients and generates less waste

  •         GREATER APPETITE: The fresh meat and high-fat content means that the taste is closer to the animal’s natural preference.

LOW IN CARBOHYDRATES - OPTIMA GRAIN FREE contains low levels of carbohydrates from vegetables, fruit and medicinal plants. Thanks to the latest technology, the carbohydrates cooked with the utmost care in that way that the animal’s digestive enzymes, thus avoiding the risk of allergies and digestive problems and reducing the volume of bowel movements, can easily process them, all possible to find in OPTIMA GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD.

Nowadays, cereal free pet foods are very popular. Dogs and cats have a small natural digestive track system for digesting and metabolizing complex carbohydrates and cereals. This hard-to-digest grains and fibers remain unabsorbed, with the body depending mainly on fermentation to solve the issue. If this is prolonged it damages the digestive system lining, resulting in food sensitivities, leaky gut, food allergies, plumpness, and bowel inflammation disorders. Each ingredient in the Cotecnica Optima diet offers a unique nutrient set to the general makeup of the meal. Jointly, the ingredients have to mingle to provide a full nutrient profile for animals, without any deficiencies or extremes that can make your pet ill. It is definitely achievable for cereal free diets to offer this type of whole nutrition for your pets. Most grain-free dog meals (particularly the freeze-dried and moist grain-free dog foods) contain fewer carbohydrates and more animal fats and proteins than the cereal-based ones and are thus more effortlessly digested. For dogs that truly have a sensitivity to grains, a grain free diet would be a suitable alternative.

Does your pet require a grain free diet?

A cereal-free meal does not necessarily mean a low-carbohydrate diet. The most common cereals found in animal foods are barley, rye, wheat, corn, and rice. Any type of pet food asserting that it is cereal-free will not contain any of these grains in its formula. However, it will have other carbohydrates like yams or potatoes. When you switch your pet to a grain free diet, you will generally see a great improvement in the health and well-being of your pets. Your pet's health is the most important thing for you and our company. In our shop, we stock a variety of Cotecnica Optima brands that we have tested ourselves and that do very well to fit you and your pets. We will accommodate your requirements and search the best solution for your pet together.

Reality (city life, climate, ecology, water, food quality) brings troubles not only for humans but as well for our shaggy friends: especially dogs can present intolerances and allergies, which are often related to their diet. The most common sources often come from grains and animal proteins. 

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Elaborated with fresh fish that complies with the same quality standards as those intended for human consumption, providing the highest quality protein, an exceptionally appetizing taste, and optimal absorption of nutrients. Contains additional amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help maintain healthy skin and silky, shiny hair.

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Elaborated with fresh lamb meat that complies with the same meat quality standards as those intended for human consumption providing the highest quality protein, an exceptionally appetizing taste, and optimal absorption of nutrients. 

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