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Maxima Grain Free Pet Food

The Cotecnica Maxima grain free diet, containing 50% fresh meat from turkey and chicken, offers proteins of the highest nutritional levels which are highly delicious and digestible. The adult selection has been created to cater for the nutritional requirements of adult dogs (between ages 1 and 7) with average levels of activity. Dogs have a relatively short digestive tract, with a very high acidic pH purposely for digesting and metabolizing meat proteins. Dogs find it difficult digesting cereals, sources of long and complex carbohydrates since they do not have the enzymes required to absorb these substances. Therefore, the original diet for which the dog's body is naturally meant for is a diet: rich in proteins, low carbohydrates, without grains.

Enhanced nutritional quality

Maxima grain free adult is a meal without cereals, custom-made to a natural, to put off the appearance of food intolerances and sensitivities. Maxima cereal free feeds provide a dietary alternative which replicates precisely the food that your dog can eat, a high protein diet, low in carbs and without any grains. Cats and dogs require a diet that is rich in proteins for the proper growth and maintenance of the skeletal system, muscles, hair and skin. Cotecnica uses fresh poultry and lamb meats which are known for providing the highest quality protein, with improved taste and more digestion capability. The nutrients quality and the attentive preparation processes give Maxima feeds an exceptional quality with an outstanding taste and all the nutrients required for your pet to have a more healthy life which is filled with vitality.

Specialist in fresh meats

Thanks to the exceptional processing technology that we use, all exclusive products includes real fresh meat as the first ingredient. By including fresh meats in our pet food, we guarantee that your pet consumes the highest biological value of its proteins. We partner with suppliers who are well-known for their genuineness and the superiority of their raw materials. Cotecnica Maxima provides pet owners with innovative and unique items, providing the best value for your cash.Our primary objective is to ensure the welfare and health of pets. A healthy and balanced diet is the fundamental basis of our pet food.

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