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Cotecnica Maxima provides a broad range of nutritious pet food, manufactured with natural fresh ingredients of the best quality to cater to the nutritional requirements of your pets. Cats and dogs require a diet with adequate protein from fresh meat for the appropriate development and maintenance of the skeletal system, muscles, hair and skin. Thus, to make sure that the health of cats and dogs benefits from the proteins that lamb and poultry meats contain it is necessary that you include real fresh meats that have not passed via any pre-industrial processes. Cotecnica Maxima contains about 30% of fresh lamb meat or poultry meat (turkey, chicken, etc.) as the main ingredient, offering high digestibility, the best quality protein, and exceptional flavor. By incorporating real fresh meat, Cotecnica assures that the highest organic value of the protein sets arrives intact to your Pet. Also, this approach ensures the pets also benefit from a more natural and scrumptious meal.

Why buy Cotecnica Maxima brands?

Maxima integrates fresh meat in the pet food manufacturing process and also ensures that all its constituents are fresh, natural and of the best quality. You can get Maxima pet food for your animal depending on age and body size. Pet owners can also buy particular products for the cats and dogs individual requirements. Maxima is a leading pet brand which cares about your pet's health for the rest of its life by providing genuine information about different pet foods. Select among our various Cotecnica Maxima brand foods which go well your cat or dog according to size, age, and breed. Browse online through our brands, there is always something for your beloved pet. You only require finding the right one for your animal.

Promoting the health of your pet

Cotecnica leads in the production of high-quality food in the pet food industry in the world. Unrivaled for their professionalism, values, and teamwork Cotecnica produces the most healthy, hygienic and excellent appetizing products to guarantee and maintain the happiness of all pets. They are here for you, the animal owner and the pet lover, gladly assisting you in all possible ways.

Formulated for medium breed puppies from weaning to final growing stages. It provides higher levels of energy and a higher amount of proteins for muscle development. Moreover, the balanced amount of calcium and phosphorus ensures optimal growth of bones and teeth.

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Complete and balanced food suitable for adult cats of all breeds. Easily digestible and tempting, its formula guarantees good health and helps gut efficiency, correct working of the cat’s organism and protects urinary tract health.

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