A formula based on ingredients selected due to their low capacity to cause allergies; it is suitable for animals which are sensitive to digestive and skin problems. Made with lamb as a highly-appetizing alternative source of protein and rice as a primary source of carbohydrates, thereby providing high digestive tolerance.

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Designed for pups from their pre-weaning period to adult age. It provides a high level of energy, is very rich in proteins and is enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E to encourage proper development of the musculature, the bone structure, and the immunity system, ensuring that the pup is in excellent physical condition: strong and healthy, with energy and vitality.

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Suitable for dogs with a high level of physical activity, working and sporting dogs. With a high proportion of fatty materials which provide a source of concentrated and stable energy which is easy to assimilate. Similary, the high level of proteins ensures maintenance of the musculature in perfect condition, avoiding the loss of muscular mass due to physical effort.

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Completed food recommended for dogs of low activity level or with a tendency to excess weight. Its low-fat formula reduces calories helping to maintain an ideal weight thus compensated, at the same time, with a high proportion of quality protein to ensure proper muscle maintenance.

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Designed for dogs  between 1 kg and 10 kg in adulthood, is specially  formulated with high energy intakes and very rich in protein to meet the high demands of mini races. Its croquettes  of reduced shape and  size and its great palatability makes it suitable for the most capricious palates.

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