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Dog food - with fresh meat

Chose from the best Dog Food brands that are based on fresh meat.

When it comes to food, your beloved pooch needs a daily balanced and nutritional diet. He or she should also be given plenty of clean, fresh water to stay happy and healthy. Treat your dog as part of the family, look after it and make sure he or she enjoys the food you buy. Just like people, your dog's well-being depends to a large extent on what they eat. Here at PetWorld, our quality dog food provides all the essentials your canine requires. This includes proteins, nutrients, vitamins and micro nutrients which give your dog good health and vitality. Our high-quality pet food will energize your dog's health by boosting its metabolism and strengthening the immune system. You can buy all the food and supplies your dog needs from us especially when our prices are so low, awesome. As pet owners ourselves, we only offer the best and our love of animals is reflected in the quality of food.

PetWorld is based in Dubai so anytime you need dog food in Dubai or any areas in the UAE, just place an order right here on the website and you will get it as soon as possible.

Browse our website to find out more about the nutritional benefits PetWorld's dog food offers. There's the irresistible taste from rich, natural proteins and fresh meat that your dog will enjoy at every meal. Dog's hair and skin will benefit too from the balanced combination of the Omega 3 and six fatty acids which also ensure healthy skin and bright, silky hair. The compound of organic minerals will boost your pooch's immune system, calorie control, joint care and improve brain development. We sell top quality Premium, Grain Free, Super Premium, Hypo-A Allergenic and Maxima Excellence food. These highly recommended pet food brands offer a unique diet for dogs and the finest ingredients out there.

Grain free dog food and Hypo-Allergenic dog foods

Check out Maxima Excellence food for adult dogs. It is highly nutritional in quality proteins, easily digestible and is rich in fresh meats. How about placing an order for Optima Complet? Your pooch will benefit from a well-balanced product with an excellent flavor, he or she will certainly come back for more. Optima Complet is designed to cover all of the nutritional needs of adult dogs whatever their breed or size. Your dog will be licking its lips in anticipation of eating Optima Grain Free Complet Chicken Monoproteic. Formula ingredients include fresh chicken meat and plenty of protein for maximum nutritional content, sounds good.

You know when you order dog food from us that you're buying a top quality product. Take advantage of weekly discounted foods and special offers so you can order even more Super Premium, Maxima Excellence, Premium, Grain Free and Hypo-Allergenic dog foods. We want to save you time when purchasing pet food and supplies. If you're not too sure what to buy, why not speak to one of our friendly customer service team members? ( call: 04 3416980) 

Our website is easy to navigate and what's more, we offer a fast and efficient service at all times. Your beloved companion won't have to wait long for their favorite meal especially with our reliable 24-48 hour delivery service.

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