Silycumin is a supplementary feed premix that regulates liver and kidney function and supports the immune system of cats and dogs.

AED 76.65
Supplementary product with Vitamins and Amino Acids made to protect skin and bowel health of small and medium breed dogs.

AED 37.80
Omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 fatty acids enriched with fish oil for dogs and cats, containing vitamins and zinc, formulated as a liquid nutritional supplement. Usage: For every 1 kg weight of cats and dogs add 0.5 ml to the food or can be given directly.

AED 40.95
A supplementary feed that provides the calcium our pet friends need at every stage of life. 

AED 47.25
Bio-Urinamin promotes a normal, healthy urinary tract function in cats and dogs. It helps reduce acute or chronic recurrent urinary tract sensitivities. Bio-Urinamin chewable tablet contains a blend of key natural ingredients such as cranberry and Vitamin C to support your furry friends’ healthy urinary tract.

AED 58.80
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