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Hypo-Allergenic Dog Food

Just like humans, dogs too can be allergic to some foods. Wheat allergy, for instance, affects many dogs though most owners are not aware of this and hence do not consider it while choosing the right food for their dogs. The conditions develop slowly over time, and the suddenly appear when least expected.

If you observe frequent bout of sickness, diarrhea, constipation or excessive wind and a dull coat, then chance are very high that your pet is suffering from food intolerance. Use of hypoallergenic product would be highly advisable in this case as they would be more suitable for your pet.

Why Hypo-Allergenic Dog Food?

Some foods contain key intolerance triggers, for example, mass market and commercial food products. This mostly includes beef, chicken, wheat, maize, and eggs. A complex combination of this ingredients has the most effect. The effect is slow and gradual but has severe effects on your pet’s health. The following ingredients are best suited for your pet:

- British Lamb (low ash)
- Beet Pulp which aids in digestion
- Rice which is a simple single carbohydrate

The digestive system of your dog is very delicate, and a rapid change of diet will upset it. Therefore when you want to give hypoallergenic foods to your dog for the first time, it is highly advised you introduce the feeds slowly while paying very close attention to your dog’s snacks and threats. The use of treats for hypoallergenic foods would also be risking your pet’s life as most treats like the commercial dog chew can be unhealthy. Quality treats must, therefore, be used as complements for your dog’s meals.

Hypo-Allergenic Dog Food from Cotecnica Maxima brand contains minimum of 50% fresh meat.

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