Grain-free Dog Food

The responsibility of keeping a dog in your home is huge especially when it comes to feeding your pet. This may be quite difficult given the numerous brands of pet foods available at food stores as it leaves you guessing on which brand is the best for your pet. Each year a new trend in pet foods emerges making it even harder to determine the healthy food for your pet.

Nowadays most people chose grain free foods for their pets. The grain free dog food is good for most pets but while choosing which food best suits your pet, it is important to consider several factors:

1. The lifestyle of your pet
2. The activity level of your pet
3. Their dietary requirements
4. Their age 

To assist you in making the right decision for your pet, we will discuss the grain free food that will be best for your pooch.

An example of grain free pet food is gluten-free dog food and wheat free dog food. Feeding your dog with these ingredients (wheat and gluten) may have some serious effects on your dog especially gluten. 

A major setback on the use of grains is that they contain aflatoxins that are the fungus. Some food may also contain proteins like gluten that cannot be easily digested by your pet. Grains are also known to block the absorption of vital minerals by the digestive system of your pet. 

Legumes and corns have been found to contain aflatoxins. This Aflatoxin is a toxic fungus and has adverse effects on your pet, like causing liver complications which greatly endangers your dogs’ life.

Your dog’s health is very delicate, and a small mistake could lead to serious complications. To prevent this most pet food companies, have strict measures to ensure quality pet foods are produced. The companies ensure the foods are thoroughly tested for afflation fungus as it poses the greatest threat to your dog’s health. 

Most grain free dog food, therefore, does not include grains containing gluten like wheat (spelled, Kamut, bulgur wheat, wheat germ, farina, semolina and Graham), barley, rye and oats that may be contaminated. Instead, rice, teff, amaranth, corn, oats, and millet are mostly preferred as they do not contain gluten.

All breeds of dogs are sensitive to gluten, and a small amount could trigger gluten intolerance, this in some species like the Irish Setters may cause Celiac Disease that is fatal.  At least 80% of the wheat protein is gluten which mainly consists of glutenin protein and gliadin protein molecules. These molecules are very large hence their digestion is very hard.

Grain Free Dog Food Tips
For the greater health of your pet, antibiotic-free meat like bison, venison, chicken, turkey, and hormone free beef would be great. Free range eggs and wild caught fish like salmon, organic dog-friendly fresh fruits, and vegetables such as sweet potatoes would also work. To add probiotics into your dog’s digestive tract fermented vegetables are also recommended.

Raw dog food product has the best nutritional requirements for your dog’s health as they are correctly suited to the dogs’ nature. Fresh food products will ensure your dog remains healthy as they do not contain grains and any other harmful substances that could affect your dog.


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