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Flora Control is an intestinal control with probiotic content. This nutritional supplement protects the natural intestinal flora and prevents the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

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It helps in the treatment of skin lesions and skin irritations.It’s used as support for the treatment of dry, scaly, irritated feet, legs and beaks.It keeps the skin soft and smooth.From the substances in the MANTAX-SCALY formulation;    

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Helps provide daily vitamin needs of canaries, budgerigars, parrots and all other cage birds.

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A liquid vitamin mixture that provides the vitamin B need of canaries, parakeets, parrots and all other cage birds.

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MultiMix is a special premix specially formulated to meet the vitamin and mineral need and avoid vitamin and mineral deficiencies in all young and adults cage birds.

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Spirulina is a feed premix that balances the healthy development of birds.

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Bio-Avivitaminosol is a liquid premix that contains balanced amino acids, vitamins and electrolyte to support the healthy development of tropical birds and pigeons. It strengthens the general condition and gives energy to birds and help ease feelings of fatigue and illness.

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CALSI-BIRD is a high quality, water-soluble calcium source. This nutritional supplement is used for quality eggshell formation, for good skeletal development in young birds, during the breeding season and in calcium deficiency.

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Palmarosa oil in Bio-Avicare Aerosol formulation is obtained from Cymbopogon martinii plants.

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The easiest way to support pet dental health, help fight periodontal disease, and strengthen their gum tissue. Safely and effectively helps fight plaque and tartar, promotes healthy gums, and gives them the freshest breath.

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