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Our furry friends are enjoying to live with us everywhere, for them is the most important to be loved! Therefore, we are truly responsible; we need to put a lot of effort in the healthy family way of living. Our small “bigearedtailedfury”  friends need a lot of water, well-balanced food, and toilet! Yes, toilet – one of the most important place in the house for any one: humans or pets!  Toilet, the place from where the hygiene started and place where should be purely like in the operation room.

Cat litter - the story

The story of first cat litter started in 1940 in Michigan by Edward Lowe’s invention; he decided to sell the clay, he packaged it in 5 lb bags and called it “KITTY LITTER”.  Lowe drove around the country selling Kitty Litter. He even cleaned boxes at cat shows so he could get a booth to demonstrate his product. Finally, Edward Lowe was famous, rich & successful and now we have varieties of cat litters! But today I want to introduce our hero - the magic cat litter, made from Silica sand or Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), a naturally occurring earth mineral, processed in a special way.The special Space-Age Technology helps to eliminate odor completely. Even “the most sensitive noses” will not feel the presence of the shaggy friend in our house. This fact checked by time & customer responses. Our clients like to call KITTY SAND “Magic Sand “ has won the trust and support already, distributed by MANDARIN WORLDWIDE GENERAL TRADING LLC since 2008 in the Middle East,  can be easily purchased from and we’ll deliver it to your door.

KITTY SAND – Easy to clean, easy to use, non toxic, less waste, no tracking, no messy urine clumps to scoop! KITTY SAND creates an odor-free environment that represents the natural elegance of your home, your family, and your cats! KITTY SAND CRYSTAL CAT LITTER a revolutionary new technology in a cat box odor eliminationHOW DOES KITTY SAND WORK?  Like magic! Absorption is what happens when a sponge soaks up urine. The urine remains in the sponge unchanged, and the odor still eliminates from the sponge, just as occurs with other cat litter. Absorption is a chemical interaction whereby a change of physical properties occurs. Silica Gel Crystal Cat litter completely absorb urine and its odor until a saturation point occurs, at this time the litter should be changed. This absorption process also kills bacteria.

KITTY SAND CRYSTAL CAT LITTER – completely non-toxic product to humans and pets. Silicon Dioxide or Silica Gel is used as a food additive in such products as: beer, salt substitutes, and dry coffee creamersOne more interesting fact about KITTY SAND cat litter, it is biodegradable! You can put it in a compost pile or landfill, the material completely biodegrades back into the earth in about the month.

The yellow staining comes from the cat urine and does not in itself indicate a change. When you can notice a slight urine odor from a distance of 30 Cm (twelve inches) twenty minutes after scooping or whenever you notice any moisture in the litter pan. These are signs that the litter has reached its saturation point and it is time to change.

Please, do not flush it down the toilet, it could clog your drain. Put it out with the garbage while wrapping it in biodegradable POOPBAGS  or into a compost pile. If a few crystals cling to the solid waste that is scooped, this is harmless.

For optimal use of KITTY SAND please, be aware of two important tips:  Scooping and Scatter.

Proper size of a chunk, our specialists working hard to find a proper size for chunk shaped KITTY SAND and magic new chunk style crystals do not roll if your cat displaces them from the litter box. Some of our customers use the interesting solution to scatter is to use a covered cat box, face the opening towards a wall, and put a mat between the wall and the cat box. They tell us this virtually eliminates scatter or put a mat around the cat box. This mat should have ridges so that any displaced crystals are stopped from rolling, also the ridges help dislodge any crystal that may be stuck in the cat's paw or more simple old method use two ancient friends  - brush & scoop!

One bag will last the average cat one month under ordinary circumstances. 
The shelf life of the product will decrease if kept in an area such as a bathroom or damp basement because it continuously adsorbs moisture. As well, if you have a very large cat or more than one the useful life of the product may be shorter than one month.

Please, scoop the cat droppings, Our Kitty Sand will dry out the droppings, and occasional diarrhea by gradually pulling moisture from them, and will reduce odor, but regular scooping is highly recommended. You will need a scoop with wide slots.

Nowadays the lifestyle of our small friends also changed critically and some of them having health issues, f.e dust allergy due to the age, climate, and food.  Our reliable and leading manufacturer who is taking care not only about name KITTY SAND, but about each crystal (chunk) and the most about the cats & cat’s owners.  Progress,  scientific research, continuous dialog with veterinary doctors, allowed to produce the special product  - Recycled cat litter KITTY SAND made from old newspaper! Recycled cat litter doesn’t have dust while using and protecting the respiratory system from breathing stress! This product might be cared a bit more carefully than KITTY SAND cat litter and change more often, but it can help much to your cat! 





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