How to take care of your dog in the heat of UAE

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Heat, we are not talking about summer, we are talking about summer in UAE, when the noon temperature can reach 50 degrees, we wish each dog owner understands the importance of monitoring your dog health when in humid and high-temperature environment, so we gathered some interesting facts to help you recognize the signs of heat stress in dogs and how to take the fast appropriate actions.

Once the thermometer shoots up, continue with early morning and evening walks, but daytime walk should be reduced only for necessary requirements (if your Doggy can’t manage two times daily walk).

Pay attention to breathing - heavy panting is a sign of mild heat exhaustion in dogs but is not really necessary to retreat indoors right away, though you should find a shaded area and give it some water. Hydration is also important because while panting helps fight off the heat, it also dehydrates the body. Dogs also enjoy ice water just as much as people do, so keep the H2O cool if possible. You can use water spray or special spray with aloe vera veterinary formula or if a pool or body of water is available, let your dog take a dip so it can cool off.

Constantly monitor your canine for the following symptoms:

  • - Rapid panting
  • - Pale or reddish gums
  • - Thick saliva
  • - Vomiting
  • - Dizziness, or walking on wobbly legs

Another point -  AC (air conditioner), in UAE is everywhere, dogs trying to find a cooler place and usually lay down straight in the way of the direct air stream. As a result, our pets are catching a cold. Keep the mattress in the opposite corner of the direct air stream.

Balanced and light dog food for the summer. And of course, summer is the time when you do need to think about more balanced and light food and at this point more than happy to offer you many options.

Of course, do not forget to treat all the family including four-legged member with …. A watermelon, yes watermelon – it is a great way to keep your family hydrated on hot summer days. Important for kids & dogs to remove seeds first. It is full of vitamin A, B-6, and C as well as potassium. 


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