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Cat Litter - where it started and best solutions today.

Our furry friends are enjoying to live with us everywhere, for them is the most important to be loved! Therefore, we are truly responsible; we need to put a lot of effort in the healthy family way of living. Our small “bigearedtailedfury”  friends need a lot of water, well-balanced food, and toilet! Yes, toilet – one of the most important place in the house for any one: humans or pets!  Toilet, the place from where the hygiene started and place where should be purely like in the operation room.

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Doggy biscuits - The story of how it all began

While choosing and purchasing food for our shaggy friends we are looking for ingredients and price, which is correct, but today the story from where the dry doggy biscuits came and how much developed from that time. This product deserves to begin the story with a phrase … ONCE UPON A TIME

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How to take care of your dog in the heat of UAE

Heat, we are not talking about summer, we are talking about summer in UAE, when the noon temperature can reach 50 degrees, we wish each dog owner understands the importance of monitoring your dog health 

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