Kitty Sand Crystal Cat Litter is suitable for adult cats and kittens because it’s soft on the paws, antibacterial and odourless. The urine is absorbed inside the granules and then evaporated gradually, leaving the granules dry to touch.


  • Fill the tray with about a 5-cm layer of litter.
  • Remove solid waste.
  • Stir the litter thoroughly.
  • Change the litter once a month. A change of color does not affect absorbing powder.


            Kitty Sand cat litter is an advanced technological solution to the problem of cat box odor. The use of this product alone will completely defeat the problem. Store litter in a dry place. For one adult cat replace the litter once a month; for more cats replace more often.


  • Silica is widely used in food preservation.
  • It is suitable for kittens, birds, and small dogs.
  • Litter can be disposed in an environmentally friendly way.




  •   How does Kitty Sand work?

It works like magic! Absorption is what happens when a sponge soaks up urine. The urine remains in the sponge unchanged, and the odor still emanates from the sponge, just as occurs with other cat litters. Adsorption is a chemical interaction whereby a change of physical properties occurs. Silica sand crystals completely adsorb urine and its odor until a saturation point occurs, at which time the litter should be changed. This adsorption process also kills bacteria.


  •   What it is made of?

The product is made from water, oxygen and silica sand, a naturally occurring earth mineral. This product is silicon dioxide (SiO2), also called silica, or silica sand.


  •   Is it safe for pets and children?

Yes. This product is completely nontoxic to pets and humans. Silicon dioxide is used as a food additive in such products as beer, salt substitutes and dry coffee creamers.


  •   Is it biodegradable?

Yes. When put in a compost pile or landfill, the material completely biodegrades back into the earth in about one month.


  •   How long does it last?

One bag will last the average cat one month under ordinary circumstances. The shelf life of the product will decrease if kept in an area such as a bathroom or damp basement because it continuously adsorbs moisture. Also, if you have a very large cat with a very large bladder, the useful life of the product may be shorter than one month.


  •   When should I change the litter?

When you can notice a slight urine odor from a distance of 30 Cm (twelve inches) twenty minutes after scooping or whenever you notice any moisture in the litter pan. These are signs that the litter has reached its saturation point and it is time to change.


  •   I have more than one cat. How often should I change the litter?

With two cats, use one bag of Kitty Sand and change it about every two weeks. It is not advisable to use two bags at a time to last two cats one month. With three cats, use one bag of Kitty Sand and change it every ten days. With four cats, use one bag of Kitty Sand every week.


  •   Can I flush it down the toilet?

This could clog your drain. Put it out with the garbage or into a compost pile. If a few crystals cling to the solid waste that is scooped, this is harmless.

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